CKernel Conference is the top level technical event for Linux kernel developers in China. The annual conference started in 2006 as AKA Linux Kernel Developer Conference, and was co-organized by AKA IT Group, Intel OTC and Tsinghua University. The 8th CKernel Conference will be held on Oct 19th, 2013. Location: Pujiang Software Park, Shanghai, China


1 致开幕辞 ,
2 Improving Linux Development with better tools Andi Kleen,Intel
3 VFS hot tracking Development Overview 吴志勇,IBM
4 Introduction to ACPI based Memory Hotplug 张燕飞,Fujitsu
5 XFS: The High Performance Enterprise File System 刘杰,Oracle
6 从文件系统到云存储 陈莉君,西安邮电大学教授
7 KGTP, Linux内核中的GDB快刀 朱辉,社区
8 Smart Wake-Affine In Scheduler 王赟,IBM
9 The Linux Container 高峰,Fujitsu
10 Introduction to 0-day Linux kernel performance test 刘远汉,Intel
11 In-kernel memory compression 刘勃,Oracle

    2013 Kernel Conference consists of 3 keynotes in the morning in major conference room, 8 topics in the afternoon in 2 conference rooms. Registration fee is 0. Free lunch is provided. Accomodation and travel compensation is not provided. We encourage you to register early to reserve a seat.


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Time: 2013-10-19
Venue: 中国上海


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